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Aristocrat Noble Reads - A Non Fiction Book Worm Club

Noble reads is a free discussion forum dedicated to non-fiction bookworms, who have learning and sharing concepts (non-fiction) across various genres.

Why and what do we do?

  1. We readers are flabbergasted by concepts and ideas and most times we don’t have anyone to shared amazing ideas.
  2. Noble reads is a real time discussion and meeting forum to share and listen to opinion, observations and thoughts shared by other curious bookworms and writers.
  3. Noble reads is a meet of likeminded people discussing their favourite books.
  4. Amidst a number of genres, noble reads forum primarily focuses on English books. Only non-fiction evidence based and fact based books.
  5. We meet once in a month on a Sunday and spend time pondering, reflecting and contemplating ideas over a high tea.
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The process:

  1. Bring a book/idea/concept/summary of a non-fiction book.
  2. Talk/comment on it.
  3. Shoot some valuable ideas that you have learnt from it.
  4. Unwind over coffee and high tea.
  5. Network and build valuable social connections.
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The Nobility Club - Community for Readers, Leaders and Businessmen

As you might Know, "ALL LEADERS ARE READERS", Aristocrat's Nobility club is a monthly gathering for non-fictional book discussion and a business networking forum, where you learn and present a lot about different non fiction books and share the concepts and ideas behind.

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Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, business strategist, leaders and business book readers.

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Core values of Non-fiction book readers and Aristocrat's Business Networking:

1. Consistency is the key to success.

2. Being an alpha is valuable.

3. Kaizen – continuous improvement is vital.

4. Adopting to modern changes and evolving strategies to thrive business.

5. Knowledge sharing.

This event is all about discussing outstanding books and network with business people over high tea to understand about business and business circle.

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Networking with Authors and entrepreneurs.

Outstanding book discussion.

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