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BIZMAGICZ - The 12B System

At Biz Magicz, we conduct “The 12-B system” of business mentoring session, where we train businessmen and business enthusiasts on automating their businesses. We help them complete their Blueprints to run their businesses successfully.

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At Biz Magicz, we conduct “Digipreneurship” business mentoring session, where we train businessmen and business enthusiasts on digitizing their brand products / services. We teach them how to create advertisements in social media platforms for boosting the growth of their businesses to another level.

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Business Idea / Product Launch

At Biz Magicz, we train you on, “how to think like a business man?” while you put your ideas on the product into a paper. We then support you on implementing new business ideas / product launches.

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Personal Branding Retreat

At Biz Magicz, we mentor you on how to brand yourself personally. We will provide you the tips and tricks that will get yourself a good reputation. This personal branding mentorship will make you realise your true potential and sets you up to be successful.

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Born To Lead (Leadership Retreat)

At Biz Magicz, we train you on “how to lead the business from front?”. This program will help you lead your business from the front. This mentoring retreat will help you grow your leadership skills.

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Born To Sell (Sales Leadership)

Selling is an art. Humans sell themselves one way or the other. We try to sell ourselves to a company for a job, we sell the company’s products’ to run business. Biz Magicz will train you on how to sell your products both offline and online. We improvise your leadership skills on sales.

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Born To Speak (Public Speaking Retreats)

Public speaking is an art. We train you on building your interpersonal skills that help you speak in meetings, conferences, events and much more. Public speaking is all about expressing your thoughts to others using a universal language.

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Routes to Riches

Most of us get thoughts. Some of them will try and few of them will convert it into reality. Those implementations need guts to take risk. We teach you the routes to become rich, which you can implement in real life.

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The Great Shift

We teach you how to control your emotions. We also teach you to push yourself one inch ahead of others to make great things in life. Most of the time shifts will change the life / business. We teach you how?

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Event Management Workshop

At Biz Magicz, In “Event Management Workshop” we train and mentor you on managing and organizing events related to your business.

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Lonely at the Top - Mentoring Mentors

At Biz Magicz, we train you on the challenges that top leadership is facing. How they handle the cultural barriers? How they handle the company in difficult times? What case study do they follow to maintain the steady business?

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Traits of Titans

Life is like a race; you need to work hard to compete the competition. We train you on how to overcome the hurdles that we face while running the business? We mentor you to run smooth and successful business.

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Digital Marketing

At Biz Magicz, we train you on promoting your product / services that helps you in generating the leads. We train you on selecting a right online platform to market your product, our expert team will mentor and monitor your business.

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Self actualization Retreats - Soulware Updates

At BizMagicz, we conduct a course for business leaders or individuals for self- actualization. We help you to bring your indulged talent. We help you in relieving from pressure, tension that helps you to enjoy your life with family and friends.

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Decision Making & Strategic Thinking - Born To Win

At BizMagicz, We train you to become a leader in this competitive business world. We train you to think and make strategical decisions based on your business you run and the product / service you deliver.

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Copy Writing / Marketing / Book Writing / Script Writing

At BizMagicz, We teach you on how to do Copy writing / Script writing / Book writing / Marketing and using these writing skills, how to promote your brand awareness for your business using this write-up.

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Disruptive Innovation for Entrepreneurs

At BizMagicz, We train business beginners and entrepreneurs to innovate new things that help in producing new businesses in the market.

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