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Mail Survey Market Research

At Aristocrat Market Research, Mail survey research method, questionnaires are sent by mail to respondents. They are ideal for studies where simple close-ended questions will provide the information needed. If there are many open-ended questions that need probing.

Comprehensive Mail Survey Services

Our services include administration of one-time research projects as well as ongoing customer tracking studies with monthly or quarterly mailings and related reporting services. Examples of the services we offer include:

Questionnaire writing
Print and mail
Use of tracking ids
Complex variable inserts
Use of our business reply mail account
Language translations
Data entry
Awards fulfillment
Verbatim comment coding
Data analysis and reporting

Types of Mail Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Customer Loyalty Surveys
Customer Experience Surveys
Employee Surveys
Product Testing
Home-Usage Testing
Product Consumption Studies
Media Usage Studies
Membership Studies
Attitude Surveys

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