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Secondary Research & Competitive Intelligence

Secondary research makes use of existing data from whatever sources are available. There are government censuses, Mantel surveys, and many private market research agencies that allow access to their data; it can be hugely advantageous, especially as a place to begin. It plays the same role as research in general does to your product launch, and should be seen as just as vital.

You may use secondary research to get an initial understanding of your market. It is often faster to analyze than primary data because, in many cases, someone else may have already started analyzing it. However, when using secondary research be careful how you interpret it, as it may have been collected for a different purpose or from a market segment that isn't relevant to your business. Also make sure that any secondary information isn't out-of-date, as the market can change quickly and this will affect your results. As well as understanding your market, you can also use secondary research to examine factors inside your business, such as sales figures and financial records.

Secondary Research service

Company audits
Customer service audit
Market collateral collection
Product pricing audit
Economic trending
Association report gathering
Corporate profiles
Corporate databases
Media reporting and auditing

Secondary Market Research Methodologies

Obtaining competitive intelligence
Supporting sales force territory analyses
Documenting clinical trial evidence
Identifying high volume institutions/providers
Estimating market sizes and business opportunities
Developing technology adoption curves
Understanding disease states
Identifying clinical protocols and guidelines
Understanding technology directions

Competitor intelligence studies

Our Competitor Intelligence Studies give you a comprehensive outline of the competitive environment in which your business operates, as well as detailed competitor profiles, covering topics such as:

Company characteristics
Views on supplier performance
Investment plans
Strategic direction
Product pipeline
Marketing strategies
Financial data
Expansion records and plans

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